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About the Strother Lab

The Strother Lab focuses on questions at the interface between physiology and physics. Our lab is especially interested in understanding processes at multiple levels of organization, from the properties of individual cells up to the responses of the whole animal. Current projects in the lab examine a range of topics, including the effects of stress on animal behavior, nervous control of the cardiovascular system, and sensory physiology. Many of our projects leverage zebrafish larvae as a model system, since their small size, transparency, and genetics toolkit enables unique experimental approaches. Some of the tools used in our lab include in vivo imaging of neuron activity, optogenetics, quantitative behavioral assays, electrophysiology, and computational modeling.

Recent News
January 2022
Strother Lab receives funding from Allen Foundation Frontiers Group.
July 2021
REU Student Monica Deadmond joins the Strother Lab for the summer.
June 2021
Paper on high-speed microscope published in Biomedical Optics Express.
January 2021
Patent application for high-speed microscope submitted.